Leasor Crass, P.C.’s Proactive Legal Services & Retainer Program

Our mission.  Your schools.  We take this motto seriously, and are pleased to offer our Retainer Program for our school district clients, which provides proactive, preventive counsel and legal advice to designated school district employees and officials.  In exchange for an annual fee, Retainer Program clients are able to consult an experienced LC attorney, at no additional charge, for assistance as they engage in their general day-to-day operations, without worrying if the clock is running on their fee bills with each call, e-mail, or text.  In the event that a client in our Retainer Program agrees that an issue is developing into more extensive legal representation beyond this general consultation, LC offers discounted legal hourly rates.

The Retainer Program also offers “breaking news” e-mail alerts, access to firm publications, regular e-mail legal guidance on hot topics, discounted rates on legal training sessions, and administrator recruitment assistance.

If you would like to join our Retainer Program or get more specific information, please feel free to contact any LC attorney, or our Chief Operating Officer, Kim Mullins.